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Here at C&G Storage, we are driven by one word: simple. All you have to do is book your storage and collection online or through the phone, and we will deliver our containers, load them up and store them in our secure, climate-controlled facility. Then, when you are ready to take them back, we return them straight to your door.

No hassle. No stress. Simple.

Storage Containers For Cheltenham Locals

C&G Storage removals Gloucester and Cheltenham
C&G Storage Storage units Gloucester and Cheltenham

C&G Storage is an efficient self-storage service that is growing in Cheltenham, and around the rest of the UK.

Our mission is to make storage solutions simple. Not only this, but if you store with us for six months or more, we will collect your items free of charge from any Gloucestershire postcode!

With our stress-free process, all you need to do is pack your items. That’s it. We will then collect, load, store, and return your belongings whenever you choose, in exactly the same condition as the day you stored them!

Why do our Cheltenham customers choose C&G Storage?

  • We offer self-storage in Cheltenham from as little as £15 per week.
  • We offer FREE collection!
  • We secure our containers in a secure Cheltenham storage facility.
  • We provide industry-standard 35 square feet storage containers.
  • We have partnered with award-winning company Andrews Removals Limited to ensure specialist vehicles and expert wrapping, protecting and loading.
  • We work with our customers to ensure the best experience possible.
  • We offer flexible storage options, including furniture storage, business storage, and we also have a student storage discount available.

The Town Of Cheltenham

Here at C&G Storage, we love helping out our Cheltenham neighbours.

This is a famous town surrounded by the Cotswolds’ more rural areas, full of history and stories, and those stories go back a long way. It was the Anglo-Saxons who first established this town 1,200 years ago and, since then, it has survived through the end of the Saxon era, the rule of the Tudors, Victorian England and into the modern age.

Remnants of its past have survived, too. Cheltenham is now easily recognised by the ancient Hailes Abbey, which originated way back in 1246 and was completed in 1277, as well as the Neptune Fountain, Whittington Court, the Montpellier District and the incredible Town Hall!

The most impressive thing about Cheltenham, however, is the people. So far, 118,860 people live in the town, and that number is only growing.

For those who live here, one of the key factors of the city is the sense of camaraderie, friendship and kindliness between neighbours. The town welcomes you into its arms, and the locals will be sure to tell you that – once inside the arms of Cheltenham – you’ll never want to leave!

Cheltenham, UK

What Our Customers Say

Daniel, 49

Having lived in Cheltenham for five years, Daniel never saw the need for a car. That is, until he had to put a number of items into storage for several months. After phoning our services, he learned that he could not only store his items cheaply, but we would come and collect them ourselves.

What’s more, because he was planning to store them for more than 6 months, he was over the moon to discover that we would collect his furniture free of charge!

Everything was done quickly and smoothly. During the collection day, they arrived promptly and parked close to the flat. The team was very polite and hardworking. They carried everything from the flat to the van efficiently and safely. The whole experience was simple and without any stress!

Sally, 33

Sally, on the other hand, had only ever stepped foot in Cheltenham to look at potential houses. After securing a deposit, she needed a way to move all of her things from Gloucester to Cheltenham and keep them there until her new home was ready to move into.

All she had to do was search “self storage in Cheltenham” and she was booked in with us in a matter of minutes! From there, her experience was simple and even cheaper than she expected.

If you’re planning to move here, Sally’s story demonstrates how good the C&G Storage solution can be. Our team will help you find the best deals and always go the extra mile to ensure services are convenient and as simple as possible.

The team collected and delivered my items, and the whole process was quick and smooth. I simply cannot fault the service and would definitely recommend C&G Storage!

Holly, 54

Holly was also moving to Cheltenham, but with a five bedroom house, she was worried about how difficult loading, transporting and unloading would be. Here at C&G Storage, however, we love a good challenge!

After searching “self storage in Cheltenham”, Holly gave us a call, and we endeavoured to make her experience as simple as all the others. We arrived at her home on time and packed all of her furniture safely and securely, before loading it back into the van ourselves.

This was perfect for Holly, as it meant she could simply hop in the car and make her way to her new home without any stresses niggling in the back of her mind. Her first day in Cheltenham was spent exploring the town, and it’s not hard to see why.

Even if you’re just visiting this place, there is so much to do and see. For starters, you can visit Montpellier Courtyard and into a few shops or cafes – our personal favourite is the Montpellier Gardens cafe.  You can also delve deeper into the town with a self-guided audio tour, which can tell you everything about its long and fascinating history.

For those who love their sport, however, you can’t do better than the iconic Cheltenham Racecourse, which has seen hundreds of incredible races and winners since its first event in 1831!

Like we said, this town – and the whole of Gloucestershire for that matter – has everything. Well, everything apart from stressful storage experiences!

I’m a really satisfied customer and I’m very happy to recommend C&G Storage. The team who collected my items were friendly, efficient, and they took such great care when collecting that I just knew it would all be safe in their storage facilities. And it was! I’m very happy!

Our Storage Experts Are Here To Help You

Whether you’re planning to move to Cheltenham, you’re downsizing your office, or you’re a student looking for somewhere to store your things when the semester’s over, our friendly and professional storage consultants are on hand to help with all your self-storage needs.

We collect, store and return your items in a way that works for you – with an option to arrange re-delivery anywhere in the UK or around the world!

That is why our customers love us so much. We put them first, and we make sure their experience is not only cost-efficient, but smooth and stress-free. It really is as simple as that.

If you would like to learn more or want to make a booking, simply click here and contact the team today.

We can’t wait to hear from you!